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ICBC uses private investigators in defending personal injury claims because they are effective. In addition to retaining a lawyer, you may also wish to hire your own private investigator, (your lawyer can set it up). We can obtain witness statements, information, & evidence that ICBC may not have. We independently interview existing witnesses & conduct counter-surveillance. We also offer other Plaintiff Services, exclusive to Axiom Investigations.

Recent I.C.B.C. policy changes have resulted in a reduction in the number of investigations firms on their Vendor's List

As a result of these changes, other P.I. firms that have always worked exclusively for the defence have now switched to plaintiff work.

We have always, (over 11 years), worked e
xclusively on behalf of the Plaintiff in I.C.B.C. related personal-injury cases — by choice, not by default.

For many years, in fact, Plaintiff personal-injury cases were all we did.

We are experienced with all types of injury, (including brain injury, closed head & traumatic brain injury), and fatality cases.

There are a number of differences between Plaintiff and Defence investigations with respect to interviewing, statement-taking, and surveillance techniques

Our strong interviewing skills, highly detailed and concise witness statements, & Plaintiff services are second to none.

Our dedication, expertise, and experience means that we are able to get access, information, & results where others can't.

Our professionalism, methods, & integrity mean that you never have to worry about how they were obtained.

Some of our LITIGATION SUPPORT SERVICES in personal injury & wrongful death cases include:

  • Accident scene attendance
  • Evidence collection; photographs
  • Neighbourhood canvassing
  • Witness locates
  • Witness interviews & statements (or Minutes of Evidence)
  • Surveillance
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Covert investigations
  • Concealed audio / video
  • Court Testimony
  • Plaintiff Services* (unique services exclusive to Axiom Investigations)
  • Lawyer Referrals 

Check out our Case Studies for some examples of how we may be able to help.

*Please contact our office for a full list of our unique & exclusive services
. If requested, we can provide referrals to legal representation & various other services.

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