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***** (5 stars)
Absolutely outstanding service. Axiom goes above and beyond for her clients. She genuinely cared about my case. She’s very efficient and makes a hard situation seem easy. She helped me on more then one occasion, both times were fantastic experiences. She does what she says she will and there’s no BS or hidden costs. I’d highly recommend her. Google Review Amy Vernon (2018

"You are awesome at what you do... true professional"
(D.H. June 19, 2015)
***** (5 stars)
Our family used them because of the good reviews. First, they helped me with a devastating personal matter in a professional, discrete & sensitive way. My parents also use them for business stuff like background checking people - even one in Australia! They make you feel like your case is their top priority. We would highly recommend them. Google Review. Shyrra Lee. June 2015

(5 stars) These guys were awesome
Excellent service, worked hard, & were professional & honest. Helped us with some very difficult & sensitive staffing problems. Their undercover & surveillance were top-notch. If needed, we will definitely use them again. vancouvercara March 15, 2014

***** (5 stars) Recommend My sister got court-ordered supervision for when my niece visited her father. He has a violent history & other companies dropped him or refused to work with him. My sister met with another supervisor agency first but wasn't happy with their level of expertise & experience. The axiom supervisor had everything under control (including him) & my niece really liked her too. Very professional & genuine. Mak Sonder (Google)

***** (5 stars)
I was having problems with an ex business partner & needed info & evidence that I'd been told would be virtually impossible to get. This woman got it. She went out of her way to help me & because of her, I can now protect myself & my business. Absolutely recommend this company. M. Conrad (Google)

***** (4.5 stars) Great job
We were having employee & competitor issues. They did surveillance & worked under cover to get us the information we were looking for. Great job. Would recommend. (n49)

***** (5 stars) Thank you
I hired the lady to do a survallance (sic) on my wife. Was happy with the service. Not happy with what I found out. I am still amazed at how she was able to get some of the info. She seemed like she really cared when she told me what she found out. I would recommend her. Plus, she even gave me the name of my lawyer. lol (n49)

***** (5 stars) Helped save my business
They came highly recommended by a staff member who'd used them in a custody case. We needed evidence against a current & a former employee/ partner who were working together to damage our company & reputation. Because of axiom's investigation & surveillance, we are now able to mount a case. I don't see how this could have been possible without their expertise & assistance. Thank you Susan! (n49)

Employee Theft; Competitor Conduct; Disability Fraud

Client: Large Corporation; annual sales > $50 million
Our client suspected that a number of current & past employees may be stealing from them.  After a complex & large-scale investigation, we were able to determine & prove that a number of staff were involved in a large-scale theft ring. They had already taken steps to have our client fund their own start-up company to run as direct competition.  In the process of our investigation, we also obtained evidence of disability fraud.  The thieves were terminated; criminal charges are in the works, & the fraud evidence was turned over to the long-term disability insurer.

Child Support; Unreported Earnings

Client: woman going through a divorce & unable to collect child-support
Going through a bitter divorce, our client had not received child-support for her 3 children for almost 2 years.  As soon as Family Maintenance garnished the Payer's wages, he claimed that he lost his job & was unable to find another one.  VMP does not investigate; they simply attach judgments when provided with information regarding the payor's employment. Our surveillance investigation established that the man was working under the table, (full-time).  Our client won her case & has since collected the arrears.

Background Checks; Romance Scams

Client: the family of a woman & her young daughter:
Family members of a young woman suspected that she was being taken advantage of by her new boyfriend, whom she was planning to have move into the home she shared with her 9 year old daughter.  The boyfriend told her that he was waiting for the proceeds from the sale of his home and was employed full-time.  We learned that his home had been foreclosed on and that he had been fired from his job.  Through further investigation we learned that he had done this before as well as the fact that he was prone to violence.

Competitor Conduct

Client: local business with a chain of skills-training institutions:
Our client was concerned about the conduct of one of their biggest competitors.  The client suspected unfair business practices but we were faced with a significant challenge of access.  In order to prove improper competitor conduct, we had to gain access to a department of the competitor's company that could only be accessed by employees of that particular department.  After our undercover investigator studied, tested, & past the rigorous hiring process, she was legitimately hired into the department in question.  Very quickly, we were able to confirm our client's suspicions.  The conduct was ceased & our client has noted profits returning to previous levels.

Personal Injury

Client: A personal-injury law firm:
Counsel's client had been involved in a motor vehicle accident & suffered catastrophic injuries.  The other driver's whereabouts & alcohol consumption prior to the accident were in question; however, there was no evidence to disprove his statement.  Our investigator was able to obtain evidence that the other driver had consumed a significant amount of alcohol over a number of hours on the day of the accident.  Our evidence included a voluntarily statement, (recorded) from the other driver wherein he admitted the alcohol consumption. The case was settled to our client's satisfaction.

Process Service 

Client: Family-Law Attorney's office:
Counsel's client had an upcoming court date in regards to child support. For many years, the childrens' father had taken extreme measures to not be found. In addition, he had received word of the court date and was; therefor, aware that he would be getting a subpoena - which he vowed to avoid. We successfully located a phone number & employment information. His job was such that serving him at work was impossible & no residential address was found. Using a pretext, we spoke with him & arranged to meet; however, he sent a friend in his stead in order to determine if this was actually a ploy to serve him. After a great deal of vetting & testing by the subject's proxy, the subject was finally satisfied that this was not related to being served a subpoena. He attended the meeting and was promptly served with the subpoena.

Renter Problems; Vetting; Process Service

Condo owner (multiple units):
An upscale condo owner believed she had sufficiently vetted her renters. Following the date of occupancy, she received no further rent (for subsequent months). Nothing the owner tried was effective & it became clear that these "renters" knew how to exploit the system & had no intention of paying - or vacating. Through surveillance & investigation, we obtained evidence of repeated criminal behaviour on the part of the subjects & the property-owner contacted Police. We served them shortly thereafter with eviction papers & the landlord was able to reclaim her, (damaged), property.
We now vet applicants for her

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