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Axiom Investigations is fully licensed and insured through Security Programs, (Solicitor General).  All of our private investigators and access supervisors are highly skilled & experienced professionals with backgrounds in investigations, criminal justice, social work, and child-protection.  Our uniquely qualified female and male investigators are surveillance, undercover, & information-gathering specialists.

A New Approach to Investigations; A New Type of Investigator:

Our contemporary technology, techniques, & personnel allow us to successfully obtain results & information where others have failed. Our expertise have proven effective even in the most complex & challenging of circumstances and when dealing with the most evasive, surveillance-conscious, or hostile individuals. 

We are proud of our record, reputation, traditional values, & integrity. Our clients know that they can always trust our results, as well as the manner in which they were obtained.

** Access Supervision:

We have over a decade of direct access supervision experience and are the most highly trained and trusted
Access Supervisors in the industry. Our supervisors hold pertinent university degrees & have thousands of hours of experience.

Supervising parental visitation requires specialized expertise in order to:

  • properly protect your child(ren)
  • make astute observations
  • comprise comprehensive, professional, & formal reports
  • testify in Court to supervision reports

We do not use minimum wage "supervisors". We offer exceptional service at reasonable rates; but, like anything else, you get what you pay for. We specialize in the most difficult and high-risk cases, including the ones other agencies choose not to take on. Our supervision methods, conduct, and proven track record have been recognized & relied upon by the Courts, families, attorneys, and other supervision agencies. 

How to choose an access supervisor
What to ask & what to watch out for
How do we differ from some other agencies
Warning signs & risk factors of parental abduction

Our goal is to ensure that every client feels that we have lived up to our reputation for excellent customer service, integrity, and fast, reliable results.

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Supreme Court Reasons for Judgment:
[173]  There was one witness whose evidence particularly impressed me. That was Ms. E.,a (P.I. &), professional access supervisor. She was assigned to supervise the plaintiff’s access to V.L.B. overof 50 or 55 times, each session lasting a day. In my view, this witness was sincere and fair, and it was evident that she took seriously her responsibilities, both to supervise the access and to honestly report her observations left me quite favourably impressed. The Honourable Mr. Justice Williams,
P.P.W. v R.S.L.B., 2010 BCSC 58.

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